Chapter 7


And we’re back! With Beth showing how much of a fish she is because she never showers and only ever bathes.

We’re almost to Gina’s young adult birthday. And thus, almost to the end of this story.


Clara: I’m not old. Nope, nope, nope, not old. Hmmm, not old at all! Still young and spry. Not old. Nope.

Someone is very much in denial.


Gina: Alright, gotta work out. Gotta get tough, gotta get fit. Whose the founder, huh? Whose the founder!

Well, someone is watching to much TV.

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Chapter 6

With the boys aged up, we have anoter boy aging up!


James got his dad’s hair, and I think it suits him.


Clara made the excellent choice to go into labour soon after.




Meet Anna! She’s a vegetarian who loves the outdoors, Chinese music, lobster and spiceberry!


Another Plague on the wall!


Jared: Women are like works of art. Beautiful but you never get what they actually mean.

James: ART!

Jared: Yeah, art.

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Chapter 5

Welcome back to a new chapter! We left off with Gina aging up and Clara changing her hair… which is why this happens.


Clara: Ready for a pink haired baby?

Jared: I am down. Let’s see what we can create babe.

Clara: Sweet talker.


Gina: Nope, nope, not thinking about what they’re doing in there. I’m doing homework on… the human reproductive system. Dammit.


Beth: Do you think one of us will be the founder?

Gina: Maybe. I mean, I’m eldest so I get more of my personality hammered out. And you’re pretty and probably have an interesting story with your potential wish.


Beth: As long as I get to hang around outside I’ll be happy.

Gina: That’s the spirit… I think.

Beth: But this means I’ll have to talk to someone and have kids with him.

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Chapter 4

Welcome back to another exciting chapter of the Founder Game!!! Last chapter, we had a bunch of age ups so let’s get going!


Gina: Alright, I’m the hero and you’re the villain!

Peter: Okay!


Gina: I caught you now villain!

Peter: Ah, you have!!! Now, it’s my turn.

Gina: What? No, I’m still the hero.

Peter: But that’s not fair!!!

Gina: I’m a possible future founder.


Peter: Ugh, can’t you do this with Lucas. He’s evil- he’d like being the villain.

Gina: Lucas bites.

Peter: Okay, you have a point.


Later, after a long game of tag, there was suddenly chaos!


Clara: Oh god this hurts, but remember Clara, you wanted a big family!

Gina: Yay, more siblings.

Rupert: I’m out. Never going to have kids.

Lucas: Only if they’re screaming.

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Chapter 3


Before we start: Here is a before and after picture. I decided to swap up Clara’s hair cause while I like the blue, I found it hard to pair up clothing with the blue hair and as such, thought: Well, she’s had six kids, and at least two have it. Let’s try another colour.

Here is a better picture.


Writing away and working hard.

Clara: Looking up my husband’s stock portfolio. He needs to invest better.

Yeah, I don’t know shit about that, so let’s move on.

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Chapter 2

And we’re back! So Clara gave birth to Gina and got pregnant again. My game kept crashing and yeah. Here we go! As well, give it kept crashing I was focusing on saving rather then pictures, so there’s not much so far.


Clara is a super mom who is taking care of Gina while pregnant with her newest brood.


Clara: Ah, more of my babes will be born soon. A legacy will come forth from my loins.

Gina:… You’re weird mama.


Jared: Who is a cute Bunny! Who is an adorable bunny!

Gina: *giggles* ME!


Someone (Clara) keeps rolling to want a bath so I bought one and a wall mounted shower so they can have that. I was very happy about this.

Clara: Well if we had more MONEY we could afford a shower/bath hybrid!

Jared: I’m getting promoted as fast as I can Clara!


Cute Gina spam. No joke though, this girl aced both the zylophone and peg box and learned her traits fast. Helps it was on a Saturday/Sunday when both parents were around though. 😛

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Chapter 1

Screenshot-727Meet Clara and Jared Thornston, a charming couple who are also boring as fuck. Clara is a family oriented natural cook who is lucky, nurturing and neat while Jared is a family orientated workaholic who is lucky, a bookworm and ambitious. He wants to be a CEO while Clara wants lots of kids.Screenshot-729

Clara’s only interesting things about her are her purple eyes and blue hair. I made her look interesting cause we’ll see more of her then we will of Jared. Screenshot-730
I bought them a premade house in Appolosa Plains cause I felt lazy and also because this is about making a founder, not you know, starting the legacy. I didn’t bother with much other then editing it to have two rooms. And then I got them both to get busy!!Screenshot-732
Clara: Oh Jared, let’s start having our babies now!

Jared: What? I literally just started my job and- *is kissed* uhhhh sure babe!Screenshot-733
I heard a lullaby after this, so I was happy enough to let them do what they wanted. Which was roll a bunch of wishes and so I started them on it.

She wants to learn to cook.

He wants to work…

We are very heteronormative here!

Clara: You made us like this.

True. Mostly done cause then I don’t have to worry about maternity leave and stuff for Clara.


Here they are having a meal that Clara prepared all happily!

Clara: why would anyone want to travel? It’s so boring!

Jared: I know! And they’d miss work!

You two are… interesting.Screenshot-742
Oh, what do we have here after I sent you to bed?

Clara: Oh, is it the start of my lifetime wish!


She got sick a lot and my game kept crashing until I put ii windowed mode (after her third pregnancy…) so I didn’t take many photos… other than of her lovely pregnancy wear.

Clara: I feel my baby in my stomach!

Yes! First of fifteen!!!

She ended up walking to the consignment store to use the teleporter to get to the hospital. I found it funny.

But here we go!


We have our first potential founder!!! Her name is Gina and she’s clumsy and brave. She likes pink, cookies and roots music!

I then got them busy again right away for more babies. We heard the lullaby so here we go!

Clara: Ah, my first born. Perhaps the founder of a great legacy one day…


Jared: Honey…

Clara: Yes dear?

Jared: I didn’t get the promotion sorry love!


Woah, what’s with that face?

Clara: He could be bringing more in if he wishes for us to have a child become a great founder!

Yeah… ‘great’. Pretty sure a legacy founder tends to be… wack.

Clara: All my babes will be great!

Considering I’m just gonna roll for the boy traits we’ll have to see.

Wow, I really was bad with pictures while the game kept crashing on me.Screenshot-765

I did get her next baby bump so yay! (Along with crappy walls down sorry!)

Little Gina got a cake and…

Whoa, where are you… Screenshot-769

Come back here, there is more then enough room in the house!

Seriously? Here, crappy walls down shot to show why she picked this spot instead of one in the damn house.

Clara: perfect for my child!


Well, Gina did age up into a super cute kid who I think is a clone of her mom… not sure. I had to delete some mods cause I couldn’t use Sliders but eh. Whatever.

Given she likes pink I gave her pink though I don’t really want to do the whole ‘everything is their fav colour’ shtick cause it looks ugly. Also, not sure about blue hair and pink.


I sold the tv cause we weren’t using it and I wanted money for toddler stuff.

Then it all crashed but I’d saved literally after she aged up so it was quick to fix it. This was before I figured out I had to stick it into windowed mode but… yeah.

Hope you enjoyed this short chapter!